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    Not running like last year

    I have a Kawaksaki STX 15F for about two years. Last year we used this watercraft almost every weekend pulling skiers and tubers with no problems. Being in the midwest we took it to a Kawasaki dealer to winterize it.

    We have taken it out a handful of times this year and it does not "hum" like it did last year. It seems as though it is running a lot more ruff and it has been difficult getting skiers up this year.

    Anyone have any ideas to bring back its pop?

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    Hello skier333 and welcome to the Forums!

    If the ski has not run right since the dealer winterized it I would take it back and let him fix it for free.
    Sounds like it doesn´t fire on all cylinders. You could check that all the sparkplug caps are down tight against the sparkplugs.

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    I just went thru the same lack of power deal. change the plugs and put a bottle of seafoam in the tank. This will happen after about 25 to 30 hours. The 4 plugs for it are about $45.00, the sea foam is about another 10.00.
    Do that and take it and run it like you stole it, The seafoam will clean the carbon and clean the injectors too. Good luck

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