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    Spark plug confusion

    Hello, all you great Greenhulkers:

    I actually have a non emergency question, for a change.

    Spark plugs--which are the best (beginning from a base of using what's listed in the manual).

    There's talk about hot plugs, and cold plugs, and NGK cross-references. Some say crossed-reference plugs don't operate properly. Some say it doesn't matter. Recently, I got a cross-refenced set of plugs, but the ceramic and point of spark look completely different.

    If I use the different-looking plugs, what could happen? Just a loss of power? Or would it affect the full range of operation. And, more importantly, can they do any damage?

    Could someone school me on this, please.

    My ski is a '04 MSX150 Turbo (turbo is redundant, I suppose, as I believe all 150s have turbos).


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    If the spark plug looks different,it is wrong. especially the length of the center electrode/porcelin. This determines the heat range of the plug. Too hot of a plug will cause detonation and engine damage.

    Even if the original plugs are expensive,you should use them.

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    Thanks for the reply, Casey67:

    I was going to use only the original type plugs anyway, I was just curious why there are so many different answers about plug usage on Greenhulk (see original post), and some of the answers come from greenhulkers whose opinions and information I have come to trust. Not that I mistrust anyone (I have recevied only accurate help from everyone who responded to my posts), I'm just asking why someone will tell me not to use cross-referenced plugs, while others swear by NGK plugs only. There's the hotter plug folks, and, of course, there are people like me, who use only original equipment, etc., etc..

    Kind of a nutty thing, you know?

    Not a major issue--I write for a living, and my brain automatically remembers conflicting advice. I usually have to chase down the discrepancy and decide on the best, or at least the most accurate, answer or solution. Talk about a nutty thing! I'm trying to quit, but I have yet to find a patch that will wean me off what are sometimes nothing more than wild goose chases.

    Thansk again for the reply.
    So, do you think this topic is just personal preference?

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