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    99 SLX trim/bilge replacement parts

    Hey guys I just bought a 1999 SLX that seems to run pretty well but the trim and bilge are inop. I checked and found that the 3 amp fuse is blown, I replaced it but did not fix the problem. I pulled the trim motor out and it was pretty rusted, I put 12 volts to it and it did nothing. I assume I have a bad motor.My question is what models will interchange with mine or is there a better aftermarket option?

    From what I could tell 98-01 all share the same part number but that doesn't rule out other options that aren't identical and that may be better or worse than factory. You guys seem to know your stuff so I am sure I will get some good suggestions.

    Also having only owned the ski two weeks I was wandering what else I should replace and/or check out on the ski. It has 100 hours on it and maxs out around 60-65mph but does seem to have a small bog at first take off. Overall it runs pretty well.

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    Welcome to the Hulk

    Lots to cover here...

    Click here for the Polaris service manuals.

    Click here for lots of useful info.

    You can open up the gear case. You will probably find rusty gears inside. Another view of open gearbox.

    Often, with some effort, the gears can be cleaned up, re-lubed, and it will work again.

    Take the time to work through all the maintenance items in the service manual. Assume the previous owner did not do everything that should have been done, even if he says he did.

    The more you check and service, the more reliable the machine will be. Click here to learn more.

    The carbs and fuel system will need particular attention. It is easy to burn down the engine if you run it with clogged carbs, even if it seems to be running well.

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    I noticed that two of the screws that need to come out to get inside and clean the gears are blocked by the white plastic piece on the bottom of the assembly. Is there a trick to removing the plastic piece? It does not seem to move, I thought maybe you have to compress the spring under it but I didn't want to compress it much without seeing what you guys thought. Thanks again.

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    I used a vise to compress the spring to pull the pin out of the shaft.

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    Thanks for the information. I got the motor and gear assembly apart, cleaned everything and got the electric motor spinning after alot of cleaner. With the awful noises the motor is still making I can't imagine it will last too long. I think I am stuck having to replace it.

    On EBAY I have seen several polaris trim assemblies selling for under $50.00 and some not selling at all. They all look like they are physically the same but I can't be sure. I realize they are different p/n but wander is one is more desirable than another or if there is some supersedence going on. Does anyone know the differences between the difference years and models. Most of them on ebay are mid 90's sl or slt units.

    Thanks again for all of you help.

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    Yeah those are all the older slower models. You certainly could buy one and it would get you going, it just isnt as fast of a motor as the models that came with the SLX.

    What awful noises are you hearing? Even a brand new trim assembly has a little bit of a grind sound to it. The clicking noise you might hear is the white plastic piece slipping around the pin once the motor has reached the maximum swing to either side. Use that sound to sync it up with your MFD trim guage. Trim it all the way up until you hear the click and the guage is maxed to the up position, then trim it all the way back down.

    If however the thing sounds like it is just going to explode at any second, you may want to check and make sure you have the gears re-assembled correctly or that there isnt something else clogging up the motion?

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    Thanks for all the info. The noises were actually coming from the motor itself without being attached to the gear assembly. I actually lubed the bearings a bit and the noises have gone away. I got to ride it this weekend and was surprised how much the experience changes when yhou can adjust the trim.

    I had a blast.

    I will appreciate the info on the older models, I was afraid they might be slower.

    Thanks again.

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