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    Noise from pump Question ?


    I know my question will probably sounds strange but is it normal to ear a small noise from under the jet ski by the intake grate, hole outside water it is a sound like the impeller just hit the pump ring just little bit on my new Solas 14/21 it feel like a metal sound!!

    i check the bearing they turns freely and when i deasable it the impeller was well torque the only thing that i notice was a very very little end play in the impeller comming from the bearing one side to the other is a end play there is normal ?

    This Jetski as just 22hrs

    thank you

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    Mine makes this noise also. Sounds like the impellor hitting the wear ring. Normal. IMO.

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    Solas have to be adjust


    Ok i know my problem i put back the OEM and the funny sound stop, i look at the Solas impeller and i t was touching the inside ring the clearance must be adjust.

    I dont know why? my pump is 148mm and the Solas 14/21 is for a 148 mm.
    Solas should put in there instruction that the impeller must be adjust now i have to adjust it that is not an easy job to remove an equal quantity of material on each blades !

    Wish that they sell it bolt on

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