Hey there guys, It seems were very limited to engine mount setups, and engine mounts for that matter here in Aus. Unless were buying new, re-sources of good like new second handies are few and far between, and at one stage i had 14 of them in my 650 bin. Now im down to 1.

Ive recently started to develop a custom urethane engine mount that is off a stock base. I mill up new top bases with the internal thread but i have run into a problem ... im running out of bases.

So ar the results seem very good, ive got them up and running on some surf ski setups and the guys are abusing them as much as they can. But about 3 months ago i had half a dozen bases if not more i threw out, as did a mate, and now im stuck.

So my Q is this, do any of you have any 650 bases or just in general broken mounts id be able to have / buy and ship to Aus so i can make a few sets up to send back to the US for a few mates to try ?.

I shall add a few pics of the mounts i make. I want to do a few more weeks of R&D and then ill know how they withstand the abuse and salt water , and know if its something ill want to market.

If you have some laying about, let me know guys. Thanks.