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    engine question

    i am wondering if i can bore just one of my cylinders or do i need to bore out both. one of my cylinders has great compression and the other had grooves in the piston and cylinder wall and not the stock piston so i assume the piston was replaced before. since i need to buy a new piston and rings i thought that i would bore it out. and then get the right piston. 96 polaris 700 slt thanks

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    Some guys don't feel comfortable with mismatched piston sizes. Others say it is just fine, as long as one isn't several sizes larger than the other.

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    I have a 95 sl750 we just finished putting back together. I had one jug bored over. I haven't run it yet so I can't really tell you anything. It is my understanding that unless you are building a high performance machine you should be ok. I went one milimeter over. Someone on here said something about the cranks not being spun balanced at the factory so vibration from the larger mass shouldn't be an issue. I'm not well versed in PWC's but this place is great. Like every other cheap broke down toy my no credit havin ass buys, I'm learning how to rebuild PWC's as I go.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jason71832 View Post
    Like every other cheap broke down toy my no credit havin ass buys, I'm learning how to rebuild PWC's as I go.

    I don't care who you are, that's some funny stuff right thare!!!

    .....funny because it's true for many of us who are on this site.

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    so true about my broke no-cedit having ass too. anyway thanks for the help.

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