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    05 sportser scic problem HELP newbie!

    Hey everyone, AWESOME forum you have here, i have been reading alot of stuff on here and will be sending out my sc to get those damn ceramic washers replaced. I just purchased an 05 sportster 150, i took it out today and the problem i am having is that when you start to take off it runs great starts to rev up no problem, then you give it some more gas and it just revs right out to 8k rpm, so if you let off a little bit then get back on it it slowly it will plane out and start to fly, got it going 52 with 4 people in it. I do not think that this is normal? what could it be? wear ring? i am new to these boats so any help is greatly appreciated. The other issue i am having is that after about 2 hours on the water i pulled the boat out and pulled the drain plugs and about 5 gallons of water came out, is this normal? thanks in advance everyone!!! ohh and finally i have a question about the "pump" i have read you need to change the oil in it? how do i go about doing this.

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    sounds normal with 4 people. You could have some wear in your wear ring or the prop could be dinged up. place a light through the intake and look in the back of the punp. Any deep grooves in the white plastic will slow you down in your hole shot. As far as the water goes, check your bilge pump. It could be a blown fuse.
    There is a fuse as I described in this post that seems to blow for a lot of people. It's not in the fuse block. Also check your plugs. Easiest way to check for leaks is to put it on the trailer and screw in the plugs like you were going to put it in the water. place a hose in the ski locker or the engine bay and fill it up. If the bilge doesn't come on then check the fuse or replace the bilge. If water is leaking out of the boat check where it is comming from.

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    I had a bad leak on my 05 sportster, it was the bonding line around the back of the boat at the rub rail. Sea-doo used silicone to seal the top deck to the bottom hull instead of plexus glue. I drilled out all the rivits from the seats back, cleaned out the mating areas and sealed it with two tubes of 3m 5200. No more leaks.

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    is it normal for these boats to take on some water? also is it normal to have to feather the throttle to take off quickly, because my rpms just shoot up and it doesn't move any faster

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    For the take off your wear ring is used just change it it's cheap.mine never spin at full throtle even whit 4 people. and for the water all the time i remove the boat from the lake i will say a bucket of water,but not more. if you have more let the boat in the water and check any leak if you dont see nothing do what TOMV say.

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    hey thanks everyone, im gonna try a new wear ring, and maybe i will try a new carbon seal too just incase its wearing a little bit and letting in some of that water.

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    Hey iwas out this weekend and I tried to pull a skier and the boat just kept revving right out to 8000rpm and would not get him up out of the water. This the wear ring right?

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    Check the wear ring by crawling under the ski and shining a flashlight up through the grate. If you see gouges in the wear ring, it's time for a new one. If you want to be specific, check the gap between the impeller and the wear ring. It should be no more than .014".... Ron

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