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Thread: 951 DI resleeve

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    951 DI resleeve

    Anyone know a good place to get my cylinder resleeved. I checked a local machine shop and they seemed very high. I have the standard size pistons and gasket kit and only need the cylinders sleeved. Some companys I have found on the web only offer it as a kit..

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    I have done it myself several times.

    The machine shop will have to do some work on new sleeves (bore, of course, and maybe deck the top), but the actual swap you can do. If you are putting in used sleeves they are normally ready to be honed once they cool off as the deck matches up most of the time.

    Now, if you are married, this might not go over so well with the wife. That said, you stick the cylinder in the oven at 400* for about 20 minutes. Get you some really good gloves (I use Mechanix Impact) and some good oven mits. When you pull the cylinder out the sleeves will pretty much just fall out. You then set your new sleeves in while it is still hot. Just line up the exhaust port and the rest should be where you want it.

    Clean the cylinder as best you can before cooking it but be warned, it will still stink to high heaven. Take care once you pull it from the oven. Have an open path and or a plan to get outside or to somewhere you can drop 400* iron sleeves. Then just flip it upside down (watch your toes). Have a piece of wood of an appropriate size handy in case they only come out part of the way or need a little nudge.

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    Good tip!

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    Quote Originally Posted by KrunchovXPL-GTX-RX View Post
    I have done it myself several times.
    You have to be shitting me you just heat up the cylinders and the old sleeves fall out and the new sleeves fall in????? This would be cake, sleeves run something like $75? How much does a machine shop charge deck the top?

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