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    2005 R-12X leftovers

    I've been around skis for awhile having owned a Ultra150 and a gp1300r. I haven't had one for a few years now. I saw a few leftover 2005's at the local dealer for a fair price, but I dont know anything about Honda skis. I like the price and they look good. I want a 2 seater to play around with. I am cool with the fact it wouldnt be as fast as my last skis, but 60 + or - is what I am looking for.

    Any input would be great, speeds, prices, wave jumping(live near Lake Michigan), realiability. Let me know I would like to pick up a ski soon.

    Thank You

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    Me & my girl picked up two (2) new, leftover 2005 R-12Xs here in Florida last year in October. We got them with a cover & 3 year additional extended warranty (4 years total) Out The Door for $7,800/each.

    So far both skis have around 65 hrs. on them and I have had ZERO (0) problems with either one. {{knocks on wood}} EVERY ride we take on them is in the saltwater & waves of the Atlantic Ocean (riding hard) so to say they've been reliable would be a gross understatement. They've been AWESOME!

    I DO flush them out immediately after every ride for about eight min., rinse them off with fresh water, then clear all the water out of the footwells (they're on a flat floating dock) & then spray the engine, turbo, wastegate, reverse cable and lever, etc. down with CRC 6-56. I also get any water that leaks in from out of the hull by using my fluid (oil) extractor. I also followed Honda's break-in procedure to a "T"; I changed the oil & filter at 10 hrs. and changed just the oil at 50 hrs; I also spray the throttle body & maintenance joint every 15 hours or so & I put about 3 pumps of grease in the zerk fitting every couple of months. Oh, and I cover them whenever they're not in use.

    They're a BLAST to ride and, for a couch, you can get some real nice air & wave/wake jumping action from them. They also handle like they're on rails and cut turns like a scalpel. INCREDIBLE! Not good for 2 people though as the maximum recommended weight is 338 lbs. and they get tippy with more than 1 person. Also, they MUST have premium 91/93 octane fuel, but it's not too bad since they're GREAT on gas. And never been GPS'd... but our speedos usually top out around 65mph although I've gotten it up to 67mph. (I know PWC speedos are notoriously inaccurate)

    Overall, no doubt. Thanks Honda.

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