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Thread: Boat-in Camping

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    Boat-in Camping

    Does anyone here do boat-in camping?

    To be clear what I mean is launching your sea-doo in a nice big lake or long river, loading up your camping gear and leaving the car and trailer in the parking lot and finding a secluded camping spot.

    What I'd like to ask for tips on and discuss is mooring and securing your boat overnight.

    Any tips, do's, and don't for securing the boat?

    Assuming no tidal action would you beach it? anchor it? Two anchors? Two anchors and line to shore?

    What if the shore is more rock (I mean fist size jaggy rocks) and not sand?

    I'm thinking of taking two anchors, lots of extra rope, a couple of those screw in dog cork-screws and trying to leave the boat in the water overnight. Is that a no-no?

    Should I bite the bullet and get a keel gaurd? What a about beaching it on a big air mattress to protect the hull?

    What about winds blowing up over night?

    Please write in and discuss your experience, ideas, and stories


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    I don't do any camping with my boat, have plenty of tides where I run and would not want to be stuck but I do have a keel guard. I think it was a great investment and have not noticed any ill effects. Not only does it help the hull when I run it up the beach but it also protects it when you put it on a trailer. This is not only while traveling but also during launching and returning. While anything that has the word "Boat" in it will cost $$$ the Keel guard is really not that much compared to the cost of a repair. We have a lot of sand bars here and the tide is always changing them, so it is better to be safe than sorry.

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    I'm going to compile some of useful search results here:

    double anchoring tips:

    good looking products and tips:

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    Those anchors are actually a great idea. Can't believe someone didn't think of the box anchor a long time ago. If it works as good as it says it would be great investment.

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    I guess I'm spending so much time looking into these details as the coastal and lake waters I boat in here in British Columbia are not perfectly sandy like those videos.

    We have gravel, rocks big and small, kelp beds and in the lakes I'm looking at camping around they are often man-made, flooded valleys for hydro electric so sometimes the shorelines are large gravel or old wooden debris.

    I guess un-commom sense just needs to come into action. Multiple anchors, multiple lines, and I won't sleep much at night still!

    I think I will look into that box anchor and some of those sand bar/shoreline slide hammer posts..

    If you got comments, keep them coming!

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    Quote Originally Posted by vwDavid View Post
    I Multiple anchors, multiple lines, and I won't sleep much at night still!
    When my friends and i take our boats camping, my buddy ties a long piece of string from his boat to his finger. This way if his 2 anchors dont hold, it will pull his finger off....We go camping with our boats about 4 times per year in the gulf of mexico... 2 anchors is a must. I never get any sleep.

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    There's a simple setup that I've always used on wakeboarding boats that have the direct drive prop always fixed (never leave your boat beached). Having a rocky shore is actually better when trying to anchor because your anchor will have a better time catching something. Sandy bottom's tend to drift the anchor.

    Toss 1 anchor out there a ways off shore. The trick is to have a bungee line that is attached to the front of your boat and to the anchor line. This will take the bulk of wave force pulling your boat and anchor towards shore. What's also nice about the bungee is that you can pull your boat closer to shore and tie it to something on shore leaving the anchor line tight. Once you release your boat from the shore line you will be bungeed out so you won't have to paddle. I always hook a bouy to the anchor line so I can find it when headed back to the shore.

    (1) Anchor
    (1) 5-10ft bungee line
    (1) bouy
    (1) shore rope.

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    Thanks Yokohama, that is some good advice. I did some practice at the lake this weekend.

    The lake bottom was a mix of pea size, walnut size, and butt cheak sized rock/gravel.

    I used a 15 lbs navy anchor on about 20 feet of chain with about 4 feet of rope and a bungee cord as well. I also roped up a stern line.

    The boat was moored in 3 feet of water (back) 6 feet front, front end out to minimize windage and help break on shore waves. If the boat pulled the anchor to shore any little bit it would beach the back end of the boat. It didn't move all day. Partly because I had to manual set the anchor when I went swimming- but it held.

    Having to do this overnight I will use atleast 2 anchors and 2 shore lines. I would purchase a slide/box anchor for overnight use. The bungee really takes the momentary stress off the anchor and provides a constant pull.

    Great idea!

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