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    02 4tec

    I just purchased a 02 4tec gtx limited,that was supposed to be blown come to find out it was only the pump bearings went out,I took the motor out thinking I woud find problems..pulled head and front housing was all
    Just woundering thoughts on reusing the head bolts and head gasket?It has never been off before,That gasket and bolts are expensive''''
    Has anyone ever reused these before?

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    shen... you must replace the head gasket.

    Now, as for the bolts, you will get two answers. Some will say always replace them, others (including Seadoo) will say to measure the length and if they are under 148.5 mm (5.846") they are reusable.

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    I'm just trying to remember ANY gasket that I used again. Anyone reuse a particular gasket?... Ron

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