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Thread: Broken Turbo

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    Broken Turbo

    I have a Honda Aquatrax f-12x from 2003. Two weeks ago my turbo broke down. Now I have taken it of my Honda and when I look in to it I can see that the little wheel (looks like a turbin prop) is a all broken.
    Last time I drove it there was now power in it and there was a strange sound.
    Now Iím wondering if there is anyone in here that knows where I can get hold of either a new turbo, repair kit or maybe even a replacement turbo.
    Iím new at this so if there is anyone whit any bright ideas what so ever what to do pleaseÖ.help me out.

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    My understanding is that the OEM turbo is a ball bearing deal, retail cost is around $2300. I don't know who makes it - and normally when you damage the turbo compressor, you've done damage to the housing and your turbo is likely toast. All of that compressor material went somewhere, I'd check your intake box.

    The short answer is that you'll need to find a Honda being parted or find one of the guys running modified skis (like Nitro) and ask if there is an aftermarket replacement that works well with OEM EFI.

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    Check this out and see if its any help.

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    I found these guys who's knowledge and customer service is second to none. I had the same problem with my GT35 ball bearing turbo on my race bike. They had it back to me in 2 days. VERY REASONABLE. A new compressor wheel installed and balanced was under $200 I believe. Its been a couple of years. Everybody I referred to them has been nothing but pleased. The name of the shop is G-Pop turbo shop. The number is 479-751-7966 The website is Hopefully this helps. If they don't have the wheel in stock, I'm sure they can get it in no time.

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    OOPS...the above link is to the same guys as I was referring to. I posted the information prior to following the link in the post above mine. Obviously these guys are good if thats where these other posts are pointing you.

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    You can't buy any parts for the stock turbo from Honda or anybody else. I can however give you contacts who have replaced their turbos with my Larger one. email me.

    IHI did the OEM work for Honda.

    When I started the Honda turbo project with them in 02 I received the OEM prints which showed the turbo to be like the "car" design but not interchangeable due to watercraft use. That's why car Turbos wont exchange with the OEM design.


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    Nitro - is the OEM turbo ball bearing?

    I've used G-pop on garrett (car) turbos and I think they're a good shop. I can't imagine that you can rebuild anything for $200 though - a basic rebuild on a journal bearing garrett turbo - including balance is over $300 - but it will of course depend on what you've torn up...

    Nitro, I'd like to see your aftermarket turbo also - or the vendor that's sellling them and hear about how well they work with OEM fuel injection.

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    Can u post pics of the turbo?? If I can see what it looks like I can tell you what might work. I need pics with sizes of the Turbine inlet, outlet, compressor inlet, outlet and center housing oil inllet and outlet as well as any numbers on it to determine the Compressor map

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    Spare turbo

    I have a spare factory turbo, pm me if you are interested.

    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    H20 Xtreme Inc.

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    Its time to replace my turbo on the 06 R12X, this thread is kinda old, wondering if there are new options.

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