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    Do you guys put keel protectors on your hull?

    I have a Hamby keel protector on my bassboat, but not sure if people use them on jetski's? Seems like it would be a smart investment the way most beach their ski. Thoughts? Do they affect performance?

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    I lost top speed with one. I do not beach my ski.

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    I have the Yamaha twisted spike with the rope & buoy that came from the accessory catalog. It works great even in loose sand. Have not had the ski pull it out yet, even when the surf starts moving from the tide.

    I also plan on applying a graphite epoxy bottom since the factory paint is wearing away after only 33 hours!

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    keel guard

    i had onethat worked great, made in louisana, one made in ogden utah was was terrible, started falling off is 3 months...i put a product called u-coat-it on my keel now, it is some kelvar infused stuff i bought at academy for 20 dollars. mix it together, let sit for 15 min, put it on. i friend of mine told me about it, it is made to boat bottoms that are beached alot, hit rocks and logs, good stuff, so far indestructable, plus cheap, it is dark grey when it dries. i like it u-coat-it and you will find it..

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    Ive got a keel guard protector put on too...............and yes its pretty cool to have , it does save the fiberglass when beached.............
    havnt lost any speed, strange that somebody said that????

    good investment , easy to put on..............recomended!

    oh! and its an american keel guard protector, its been on for over a prob!

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    Could you post some pics of installed guards?

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    Keel protector saved my friends hull. He hit submerged rock at 35-40mph on a river. Threw him and the ski a couple feet in the air. All it did was break the keel protector off and put a couple small scratches on the hull.

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