O.k. so it is finally time to get my race boat back out on the water but before I can do that I need to swap the top deck with the spare hull I have. Back in 03 in the last race of the season I got launched racing to the first buoy and the boat ended up getting hit. Well it isn't a quick easy fix so I decided rather than continue looking at this spare hull I have that I was going to build up another boat with I will just swap out top decks and then work on the motor. The question is what does Yamaha use to bond the top and bottom decks together? I know when I did the hull reinformencent kit on my 97 GP1200 I used a product from SEM part # 39337 which is a non sag SMC structural adhesive. Is that the same stuff that Yami uses or is comparable? I found a guy that will split the hull for me but he isn't sure what is used and I am not in the mood to loose 2 hulls due to experimenting.

Any help or ideas is appreciated. Finally time to dust off the GPR's and get the wife's motor off the bench and back in her boat after 5 years and get my boat back out on the water hopefully.