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    1995 SLT750 stutter on giving it gas

    I took out my SLT750 and it was not riding clean...I would give it gas and it would stutter from take off. it would get up to 45mph but it is stuttering like it is out of gas (but there is gas in the tank).

    This happened on another ski I had and the shop did a carb rebuild and it was fine.

    So, I was looking at the kits and i will need 3 kits and I don't know if I need new needles and seats. The ones from my ski have black tips and the new ones look like they are clean stainless.

    AND when I removed the carbs there were two broken on a carb and one on the intake. I'm wondering if this is where the suction failed and made the ski stutter.

    Please help...I don't want to spend more than I need to.


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    On a 14 year old engine, the carbs are probably more than due for a good rebuild.

    You do need three kits, and only buy genuine Mikuni parts.

    I think you will also need the 2.0 needles and seats.

    While you are in there, have a look at this page.

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    He's right ^^^^^^

    Get the Mikuni Super BN rebuild kits for 38mm carbs. Also get the 2.0 push in type needles and seats.

    A set of new 1/4" fuel hoses would also be recommended.

    Install a triple outlet fuel pump if you haven't either.

    It sounds like alot, but it will keep your ski running for a long time if you maintain it well.

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