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Thread: Plate setup

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    Plate setup

    So i just put on Jim's FF plate. Wow is that a quality piece. I did everything the instructions said, grinding etc. and then installed with 2 washers under each front bolt. When i took it out it was porpoising like a mofo, so i threw 2 washers under the back bolts too. It rides pretty well now but i just wanted to see what setup everyone else is running. Should i change my nozzle to take better advantage of the angle or something? Unfortunately i haven't verified speed since my damn gps is broken, but it feels pretty fast. I just want to be able to get as much out of it as possible!

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    So you have 2 washers under EACH bolt?

    Why not take out all 4 completely..

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    Step your sponsons, that should stop the porpoising.

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    Well you need a gps to tune the plate in.

    Basically you need to start removing the rear washers to get as much angle as your ski can handle without bouncing at WOT and look at the gps and find the fastest speed.

    You should measure how thick your washers are, and maybe get some smaller ones to fine tune it.

    I can bet your leaving speed on the table but just thowing washers in it because they are probably too thick. I use as small as .015". Most stainless washers you buy are going to be around .040-.060"

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    My sponsons are stepped...

    Right now i have 2 washers under each bolt of the plate, and it still bounces, plus it's HORRIBLE in the corners. I know i'll need the gps to tune it in properly, but at this point i just need the handling back. It's seriously horrible. Even with or without a full tank of gas.

    also i started with the 2 washers in the front because the instructions said to install them and check the clearance between the plate and the shoe, and it looks good.

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    How is the transition from the pump shoe to the plate? The plate should be slightly higher.

    When you add washers to the front of the plate it drastically changes the angle of the plate. The old method of measuring the rear of the plate with the a straight edge and a scale to .950" changes.

    For instance a plate with a large step to the pump shoe (no front washers) can handle more measurement on the back end 1.00"+. Now if you take that same plate and add washers to the front and maintain the 1.00" on the back the ski becomes a porpoise monster.

    It all boils down to the angle of the plate vs. the hull. More washers in the front equals more washers in the back to compensate.

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    I dont want to sound like a di*k but this topic has surely been talked about on 6 different forums 700000000 times... Theres lots of informative posts on ride plate angle, how to measure it and how to tune it.

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    Now I remember why I quit viewing this site for a long time.

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    i'm sorry if this has been covered but honestly this search function of this forum blows compared to other places i've been and i was just looking for a little quick info. Thanks for the advice

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