this is just to inform some of what the makers of the prop has to say. At first some thought that they had misunderstood me but I think I made it clear in the second email. I am not knocking anyone just trying to see if it may cost me some money in the long run. You don't have to answer it if you to get negative.
Hi Edwin,

That is usually called a SEAL of a impeller. Well, the most important function of a seal is to smooth the water flow coming into the impeller blades. To remove the seal out off impeller may cause disordered water flow and thus possiblly creat more bubbles which may damage impeller blade for long term use. It is not recommended to remove the seal off impeller.

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What I was talking about is the front cone on the solas pwc impeller.
The one that slides into the front of the prop after you install it and
remove the prop tool.
I think maybe you misunderstood me, I am not sure.