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    Balancing Impeller

    Is there an easy way to balance an impeller yourself?


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    not really, unless you have the correct equipment it is best left to the pro`s... you don`t want an impeller wreaking havoc or any other driveline vibrations...

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    Impellers should be dynamically balanced...something you cannot do at home.

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    1996 Waveraider 700

    Now I'm concerned. I pulled the pump out of mine and the impeller was too corroded to separate from the shaft on either end. It was very pitted and had grown into the housing. Anyway I ground it down to smooth it out as best I could without being able to pull it off and took down the edges a bit so it would spin free in the housing. The ski was in the lake for about 4 years and I wanted to make sure everything else was good and salvageable before ordering a new impeller and shaft, so I put it all back together and reinstalled - if fired right up and sounds good. Should I be concerned that this impeller might damage something (me included) if I ride it to check it out?

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