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    Gas Puring into Bilge From Aft Carb '98 GTX

    Started up my Sea Doo GTX 1998. Smelled gas after a few minutes.. Shut it down, rinsed out bilge stared it up again. Gas pouring out aft carb from bottom. All new gas lines and fresh carbs in July 2008. Any thoughts? Has primer kit installed 2004.

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    Get a mirror in there and see if a primer or accel pump line has come off or cracked/been cut. The feed and return hose clamp also need to be checked.

    See if you can check the screws too, make sure they are tight (you can do the diaphram side on the rear but you will have to pull them to do the front if you have not found the leak by the time you get to it).

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    I picked up a mechanic's mirror at Lowes. I'll check it later today

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    I picked up a mechanic's mirror at Lowes. I checked with that mirror. On the aft carb it seems to be leaking from looks like some sort screw under carb (tough to tell what it is.) close to where the carb bolts up to engine block. Now that I can see more with mirror I saw gas coming out of forward carb through main intake. All hose connections are sound and tight not leaking.

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    The barbs the hoses are attached to are only press-fit into the carb bodies. You could have twisted one out mistakenly.

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    It turns out the one of the fuel lines that link two carbs had on one end a hose clamp and on the other end just tie wrap. The tie wrap end was just about off. The guy who re-did fuel lines short cutted that one

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