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    1996 Polaris, oh where to start? need some ideas.

    Just got an OK deal on a couple of ski's, a Kawasaki sts-750, running, and a Polaris SLT-700, recently running but dead when I bought it. The exhaust manifold where it attaches to the engine is cracked at the rear cylinder. A compression check showed about 62psi on the front cylinder, and about 115 on the rear. When I brought it home, I found the front cylinder loose where it mounts to the engine, and tightened it up, but it did not really improve the compression.

    Sooooo...front cylinder 62 psi, rear cylinder 115. Ski is in good shape, and turns over ok. I would just like your thoughts on where to start, and what to look at first. Thanks in advance.

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    A cracked exhaust manifold and loose cylinder. The manifold makes me wonder if is had water that froze or if it was hydro locked (sucked water into the engine).

    You should check the crank index (search "crank index") to make sure the crank timing isn't causing the low compression. If OK ,you need to remove the cylinder and take alook at it and the crankshaft for rust/ milky oil.
    Let us know what you find.

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    Ok, thanks, i will do!

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    Click below for the service manuals, and other useful info.

    While you are working on it, take the time to go through everything else, and make sure things are as they should be.

    Click here for some introductory Polaris PWC info.

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    I found a small amount of oil and water in the crank case after I pulled the jugs. sucked it out, hosed it down with wd-40, and plan to flush the crank case out several times with diesel oil in an attempt to get out any rust bits. I may be wasting my time (and money on a top end rebuild) but the ski did not get run after the exhaust ear broke, which got water in the engine, so if i flush it well I am hoping to get 100 hours or so, which will take this "second" ski a long way down the road.

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    I think you should split the case and do a full crank inspection.

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    Quote Originally Posted by beerdart View Post
    I think you should split the case and do a full crank inspection.
    There is no question you are right on that. I am just fuzzy on the "then what" part of it. If I could put new bearings on it, fine, but it seems to be a be 3 or 4 hundred dollar path to get the crank rebuilt. Then several hundred more into the top end, and the SBT rebuilt motor with warranty starts looking pretty good.

    This ski will be the "second" ski in the family, and I doubt that it will see 20 hours a season, and that will be easy use, so maybe that is my reluctance to throw a lot of money at it.

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