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    1995 kawasaki 750ss cavitating

    I just got a 1995 kawasaki 750ss 55hp and it runs great and pulls real good in smooth water. When its wavy, it seems to cavitate real bad and "catch". I notice if I feather the gas its not as bad but if I open it up in the waves it never really catches. I thought it this was normal but my buddy brought his 96 seadoo 32hp out and this thing grabs and pulls way better in the waves?
    Someone told me the kawasaki's have problems with cavitation, is there something to I can do to fix it? or something with the impeller?? the wear ring?


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    also can I download a service manual for this 750ss?

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    Hey now. I have a 92 ss, same issues. You will need a Solas, or other impellor and a different intake grate. These ski's do not hook up well stock. Mine still has the stock aluminum imp. POS!
    I am not sure where to look, as I am working on another ski or 2 and the ss will get attention probably next year. Try e-bay I imagine.

    I dont know if they are available, but an extended pump would help this ski. Try John Zigler, Rock county ski. Good guy.
    Let me know what you find/try. I'll do the same if I find something. Good Luck!!!

    P.S. Don't know about the manual.

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    I had a '94 XISS with Solas, R&D intake grate and an Ocean Pro ride plate. She was an awsome ski for pulling wake boarders. My daughters boyfriend has it now, still in the family so far.....

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    Thanks for the help

    if I were to try one which should I try first?

    the solas impeller? do i need any special tools to install it?


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    Find an old style solas 13-18 or 14-19 that will make a world of difference,you will need an impeller wrench(cheap ) in emergency you can use an old driveshaft.the threads are right hand,very simple job,if you cant break it,put a little heat on the old hub,not too much or you will damage seal,on impeller shaft also watch out for orings on shaft,the pump housing uses grease no oil needed.>Marvin

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