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    wont plane or run

    I have a 92 sl 650 takes for ever to get up on plane. Put new impeller and housing on it. What else do i need to look at. I also have a 95 sl 650 was turned over. Was tipped back correctly now wont run but with choke pulled out part way. whats wrong with these machines.

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    What impeller did you install?
    Another 146mm 650 impeller, or a 750 impeller?

    What other checks have you done?


    Has the fuel system been gone over, carbs rebuilt?

    Have you seen this information?

    For the 1995 SL 650 that was rolled over - was it working properly before?

    Sometimes when tipped over, water and junk in the bottom of the fuel tank gets shifted around, and ends up in the carbs.

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    146 impeller put new plugs and fuel filter in 92 The 95 was running good before rollover

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    What impeller did you get? A 750 impeller in a 650 will take forever to plane.

    The rolled over ski, have you checked the water seperator?

    Needing the choke on to run, means it's starving for fuel. Don't run it like that until you find the problem and fix it. You will damage a piston or pistons.....

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