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    Another Quick Tuning question

    So i've read through all the carb tuning guides i can find, and they all are looking for the most performance, highest RPM's. Well i'm just a recreational rider and am tuning for my first time ever. I have dsolie's old ski its a 99XPL with some mods. I have a list i can get it if you need them. I did my first high speed tests today and at 1/4 turn it ran 7150 or close to my tach isn't digital. I opened them another 1/8 and did so until about 1/2 and it would run a solid 7000 on the button. So i turned it to 6/8 and it ran 6850 or so. Would it be ok to leave it as is just because i'd rather it run a little slower than have a lean seizure. My beach is only 50ft wide and with the water temp @56 i couldn't get a plug chop but from reading the group K info they didn't seem to like the plug chop reading method. again i'm very new so any thing will help, thanks in advance! !


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    actually the specs are for best running, IE throttle response etc,, you can run it rich,,

    the motto in Kart racing is,,, lean wins races but fat runs all weekend.

    you may just have to replace plugs more often. is your call

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    Quote Originally Posted by oct6454 View Post
    . Would it be ok to leave it as is just because i'd rather it run a little slower than have a lean seizure.

    If you cant perform a plug chop (which is best) you can tune by revs and a good ear. You will need a digital hot tach or one that updates every second or two.
    When tuning as you initially give it WOT the revs will usually get to peak revs very quickly within 3-5 seconds . Now 3 things can happen from here
    1) it starts to slowly loose revs (like 10-20 every second) while still holding WOT THIS MEANS ITS TOO LEAN open H/S screws 1/8-1/4.
    2) it initially revs to peak revs then drops down and stays at those revs which usually means too rich. The throttle is non responsive after 3/4 is a sure sign its too rich as well.
    3) it gets to peak revs and stays their without any loss of revs you are getting very close to being correct.If you get off the gas and then hit it again revs should come back to with in 10-20 of the last reading .When you get to this stage I like to open the low speeds an 1/8th just to be sure especially when you get into a long high speed turn which loads the pump and engine.
    Remember loosing revs is a BIG NO NO when at WOT with 2 strokes.You will need a digital tach though not the analogue one on the dash.

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    Is there any good, cheap digital guages.

    I have heard the tiny tach doesn't update fast enough.

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