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    Need some help....GTI LE RFI 2003 New Engine Tuning

    Hi Guys....I just put in a SBT engine in my 2003 GTI LE RFI. That all went good and engine seem to run good on hose. I ran it for the first time yesterday and had a few i need some more help.

    The ski would hit about 6000 RPM and just under 40 mph. I think this should easily hit 50+, the water was smooth. What is the maximum powerband? 8000 RPM or higher? I'm thinking maybe the throttle position sensor might need adjusted. After running for about 15 mins the ski just died. It would crank and run for a second or two but never started back up. I'm not sure what caused this...

    I was told to have SeaDoo mechanics adjust the TPS and CPS. Could this be the issue? What else should i be looking at with a new engine? Thanks again.

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    you need BUDS or a handheld programmer with the latest software to "reset TPS" it helps with starting, idling and general running.
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    how long did you run on break in.....I wouldn't be running a new engine to 6k revs until I had at least 5-6 hours on it, as painful as it is to simply put around on te lake, that what a break in is for isn't it?

    I obvioulsy need to get newer software for my handheld, but I'm afraid of doorstopping it.

    I've read you need the master passowrd to flash the rom..true?

    Once i make enough keys to pay for it, I might try it, but for the moment, it's a keymake, it doesn't seem to support much else, even on older skis. Reading hours is good on skis without hour meters.

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