Picked up at least 100rpm, runs great. Accelerates HARD. I havent had smooth enough water to get top speed number. I did GPS it @ 51 MPH a few years ago (good air). My speedometer is with in about 1 mph of the GPS.

The only bad thing about this test is that I also Re-Built the carbs, So I changed more than 1 thing at a time.
The only exception is starting after about 30 seconds after turned off. To start I have to hold the throttle wide open, like its too rich. I spent a good hour running the low speed screws in and out. Starting running, idling turning offf, 30 second pause and re-starting. I ran my low speed screws about all the way in and as much as two turns out. It runs the best about 1/2 turn out, that is where it is supposed to be. Running them real rich or real lean just makes it crank longer to start. I don't see any "dribblers" with the air box off. My "pop off" was 15.5 to 17 pounds when I had the carbs off.
It starts great as long as you hold it wide open when hot.
Not sure what's up but its usable.