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    Buyers Guide for a 4tec?

    Have a friend looking at buying a rxp.. Is there any info on stuff he should look for before purchasing?


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    40 views and no advice?


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    People are probably not replying because there is at least one of these questions per week and if you use the "search" function on the forum you will get all of your answers...

    If it's a SC 4-tec.....check for..

    Find out if the SC washers have ever failed...
    If the SC washers were replaced with Riva metal washers..
    Check the oil filter for metal fragments
    I like to check the spark plugs me ensure the motor has not been running lean...
    I also check compression
    Hull, no major defects in the hull

    Others may chime in, though I would search for similar threads as you will find all the answers you need this way.

    Good luck

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    ask for service records, if there are "non available" move on I'ts a buyers market. Have a shop check out the ski before the deal is done, if the buyer balks at that idea, move on. being in a hurry on a purhcase is what keeps me in business sorry to say. I charge $75 for a checkout and without fail, I save the buyer a few hundred on the deal if it's a ski to buy. There is always something to be fixed on a ski that's not been properly maintained outside of a hose and some turtle wax.

    People buy on good looks alone, and boy, you should see some of the hack stuff that keeps me busy.

    maybe my new tag line should be:

    "Expoxy is not a substitute for locktite"


    "Trash bag twist ties are not a substiture for an Otiker Clamp"

    oh yeah..try the search

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    You asked.. add if necessary. Check List.

    Dip the oil, and look under sunlight for faint sparkly bits (very fine glitter)in the oil..

    Good battery, starts well.

    NO alerts displayed on console, annoted by a Beeep..!

    Undo supercharger outlet pipe, and run finger in there.. if you get very fine metallic dust on your finger... beware... RUN..!!

    Wear Ring. Look up inside the pump, and at edge of blades, there should be very little light thro the gaps. Then look to see if the tips of the blades have been mangled at all.

    Look for crazing of the hull in side impact areas.

    If you can, get the info read off the ECU by BUDS, and see the RPM profile, registered name, engine number and hull number match the items, fault history.

    Check VTS works good.

    Check display is clear, and not missing segments.

    Covers are ALL on on the fuse box, and not missing... water will get in .

    Look underneath for gel coat holes to fiber base.

    Look for lots of sand scuffing on the bottom too..!!

    You should be able to move the steering with relatively not too much force by turning the jet-pump nozzle left and right with your hands, if not, cable is time to change... water got in and did it one.

    Reverse gate actuates easily, but not sloppy.

    Handle bar bearing holds well, and steering column is not too loose.

    Front hood holds up when opened.

    Green anti-freeze/coolant should be level in tank, and not brown , nor smelling of oilly yukk.

    No coolant leaks in engine bay. From header tank, or elsewhere..!. Try to put your hand under the block, and have a smell/look at what you get out of there.

    Black spray marks perpendicular to driveshaft seal... means carbon ring is taking it's last rights!

    Remove and replace DESS key a few times to see if it ALWAYS gives two beeps for OK.

    Fuel level on gauge is same as tank level.

    Run fingers under bump strip all around edge of ski, looking for damage underneath or at joint. Stickers/decals often hide damage..!!

    Look along edges for irregular coloration or ripples etc to signify repair.

    Tears in seat. Can be a pain when water gets to wet your derriere, and look unsightly.

    Ask if clutch washer were changed, and when. listen carefully. Any sign of 's, think twice..!!. - Quiz where, when, why etc.

    Throttle snaps back firmly.

    Buttons on bars look ok, and not mangled up. VTS buttons are expensive to change..!!

    Signs of water being inside the hull. As in is there a "Tide Mark" where water got in, and left a line around the inside of the hull...!!

    It fires on one touch, and idles smoothly around 1800rpm.

    No nasty oily smelling smoke when fired up.

    See if the seller knows/insists on turning the hose on AFTER!! the engine is started... NEVER before. AND the reverse.. water OFF, then quick dab at the throttle, let it stabilise, then cut the motor by one of 2 methods.. pull the key, or press the button.

    FINALLY.. CHECK THAT TRAILER... bearings, hitch etc are all in good condition..!! often overlooked, but can save a fortune when you buy the ski, and the trailer craps out after 30 mins of freeway driving..!!

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    If you don't know the owner, only buy one that still has a BRP warranty. If you know the owner, get an agreement that if it breaks in 10-20 hours, the previous owner will fix it for free. Otherwise, keep on looking... Ron

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    Thanks for some answers. I know what to look for in general when purchasing a ski, but was looking for inparticulars on the sc 4tec, which I think whistler answered. I will give my friend the info so he can check it out.

    And, I looked for a sticky on this subject and dug through a few pages and didn't see anything. Maybe there should be a sticky if this happens all the time..

    Thanks again!

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    Quote Originally Posted by King_Of_Fun View Post
    If you don't know the owner, only buy one that still has a BRP warranty. If you know the owner, get an agreement that if it breaks in 10-20 hours, the previous owner will fix it for free. Otherwise, keep on looking... Ron
    Who in the world would agree to fix a ski 20hrs after selling it?...Yes, it is a buyers market, but lets remain realistic!

    Buy the owner as much as the ski. Thats will save you 99% of issues.

    I only buy new, but also never had a problem selling 2-3 year old used skis AS IS for good money. Adult owned, no mods, very clean, and detailed maint records - even if work done yourself. Very Clean seems to be the seller - "This thing looks brand new!"....SOLD.

    With careful searching you can find a nice 4-5 year old 4tec for not much money. No, you wont have a warranty but you may be on the water for 3-5K.

    good luck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by WinniCandle View Post
    Who in the world would agree to fix a ski 20hrs after selling it?...Yes, it is a buyers market, but lets remain realistic!
    No kidding .. I'd laugh and show them the way out.

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