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    exhaust manifold - bolt/stud help

    anyone know what size the studs are that come from cylendar #2 to hold the exhaust manifold on?? The mani is all bolts except for 2 studs that connect to cylinder #2. I know they are 10mm, but not the length.

    2000 XLL1200. thanks

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    I measured wha the extension is off the manifold and it measure 15mm. The bolts all measure at 10x55 so I would say 10x70. If you go any longer than that then you won't get the nut onto the bolt of those 2 center studs. I thought I had a loose bolt from the triple pipe boats but I don't. I just measured off of my wifes motor sitting on the bench. Did you try the parts breakdown on Riva's site and see what it might give you for a size once you put that piece in your cart? I scanned the manual real quick and they don't list the size on these 2 center studs.

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