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    anyone added sponsoons to a 95 SL 750?

    my 95 SL 750 is way unstable compared to my 96 SLT 780. i assume sponsoons are the reason, as the SLT 780 has them and the SL 750 does not. can they be added to the SL 750? if so, where can i buy them? how much do they cost? and most importantly, how hard is the install going to be? do you just screw in, or do you have to get to the inside to put a nut on the back side?
    thanks for the help!

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    thanks - soon after posting i searched for "sponsons" instead of "sponsoons" and i found that thread. so it sounds like the 23 inch is the best for the SL 750 and a special tool is needed and the bolts/rivets are hard to find? is that the deal? and where are ya'll finding the sponsons, on ebay?

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    Here is another thread you need to see.. Cya Slick

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    They help alot on the SL hulls.

    The rivet nuts are easy to find at places like

    The rivetnut tool is needed to install them. Some on here have lent them out before.

    You can find them on Ebay quite a bit. Or you can contact John Zigler and see what he has.

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