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    3 blade or 4 blade

    I am trying to figure out which prop to go with for my mods. Can you tell me which would be better for my mods and why. I don't know much about props only a bit from reading. So far my mods are:

    Custom 4" rear air - GreenHulk WB - RE OPAS BO - Centre A Kit SC wheel - Riva Intake grate - Riva Pro nozzle

    I am getting ready to place my order for the Fizzle IC and 42 Ibs injectors.

    So far a still have stock prop but I def need a new one but I was waiting until I ordered the IC and injectors. I was going to get a 15/20 4 blade but then I read over something that said I might have enough to upgrade to a 3 blade. Can someone point me in the right direction?

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    I have put quite a bit of time into researching the very same thing and what I have come up with (from reading and asking ) is it depends , pretty much like everything else , the 3 blade seems to excel (have an advantage ) in rough water and in the hole shot to mid range area but is beat out on top end by the 4 blade but not by much , some say only 1 to 3 MPH , if I am wrong with any of this I'm sure someone will correct me (and input is welcome )

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    Well based on that then I think its easy to say I would be looking more toward the 4 blade. I am on my quest for 80mph mark.

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    three or four blade

    i would say its all a prefrance to you but he is right 4 blade is faster on top an 3 blade is a tad quieker i think what rpms are you running

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    Solas FS

    I have a 15/21 Solas 4-blade in excellent condition for $175 if you're interested. Sounds like it will work well for your mods.

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