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    1996 waveraider 1100 project

    I have a waveraider 1100 which I purchased last winter. The waverunner had the flywheel removed and the CDI box was taken apart. THe stator was bad and I replaced and the machine runs fine. I hooked up a hose and ran for awhile and it seem to run good when I give the throttle. I put it in the water and I can not get the machine to run when I give it throttle. The machine will idle but when I give it the throttle it seem to be running on two cylinders.
    The compression was 110 in all three cylinders when I checked it when I first got it running.
    What is the problem do I have a bad cylinder?

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    What about the carbs and check spark, if you have compression in all three cylinders and spark you probally need to rebuild carbs when were they last done if you let a ski sit they get gummed up, when a ski drops a piston and loses compression the other 2 good cylinders carry the motor till it all goes boom or you stop some have ridden for miles just to get back to the ramp on 2 cylinders i personally rode 500 feet and the piston and cylinder were trashed . gl with the ski

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