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Thread: Water Leak

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    Water Leak

    When the ski is in the water it takes on water. The drain plugs are in...

    I noticed when i fliped the ski on a turn. What should i be checking? Impellar housing?

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    Do you have a gel battery installed? If so, is the vent tube plugged? It will siphon water in.

    Also, check to make sure you have both baler tubes in the venturi. 98's had a problem of falling out.

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    i'm sorry i forgot to mention it is on a 97 gti.

    Could this be something with the jet pump or exhaust?

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    the easiest way to find leaks is to fill the inside of the hull with a garden hose and watch where it comes out. ALSO, make sure you don't go up to the carbs!

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    Yeah I had a leak on my 2003 XPDI. Turned out to be the front bolt hole on the intake grate underneath. I'm sure that shouldn't be a through hull thing, but it leaks none the less. Took the bolt out squeezed some gasket maker up into it and put loctite on the threads, has worked so far. The garden hose is a great idea try that!

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