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    96' zxi 1100 electrical problem

    last year my 96 zxi 1100 got swamped (by a fat kid) and water got in the electrical box (not in the engine). still ran fine pulled it up on the beach drained it, and rode the rest of the day no problem. the next week I walked out side and it was sitting on the trailer running!!! yes thats right!! no lanyard, switch in the off position!!! sitting there idling!!! wasnt running too long though cuz the cyls wrent hot... just warm. got it shut down and began investigating. found a broken bulkhead in the e box and the inside was nasty rusted and corroded. got a used box from a 900 zxi on ebay. hooked it up and it ran fine for 1-2 minutes on the hose. then just lost spark. start back up... same thing. thought maybe the brain? my old one looked okay, sealed etc. cleaned up the terminals put it back in same sh#t. runs fine for a few and loses spark. went thru carbs ok, I can visually see it is getting fuel. even tried holding the idle up still just shuts off. any ideas? i'm pullin my hair out here!!! any help would be appreciated

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    That's scary!

    I don't know the solution to your problem, but, can you imagine working on a 'Ski and having it just start by itself while you've got your hands in there???

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    yea it was strange!! but water is a conductor so it makes sense. I'm going to test the voltage regulator today. guess if that dont work I'm gonna have to buy a whole wiring harness and on/off switch and kill switch etc. any body on here happen to have that stuff???

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    John ziggler on pwctoday is great to deal with and has tons of kawi parts. I would start with the simple things first... Make sure your switches on your handlebars are working (just use a continuity meter). The visually inspect all your lines from your ebox. Try spraying the lines/connectors with "dry and go/wd 40" or something like that. I have a pfd manual if you need it pm me (it is a large file so I have to send it RAR'ed in parts to most emails...)

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