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    02 Polaris Virage 700 carb adjustment

    I bought a non-running Polaris jet ski with no spark... Changed out the CDI box which restored spark. Since this model had the bad fuel lines (green deposit), I replaced the fuel lines and bought a SBT carb rebuilt kit. After rebuilding the carb, the ski started right up and idles nice. Put the ski in the water and it started right up. When I tried to give it gas, the thing bogged down and wanted to stall. Every now and then I would somehow get it behond that 10-15% throttle and the thing would take off and run awesome. Does the problem appear to be with the low speed jet? The SBT article labeled "stock carb settings" didn't show a 02 Virage so I used the setting for a Genesis. Was this correct? Anything common that I should check that would case this problem? What is the pop off pressure for this carb?

    Genesis - Low speed - 1 1/4
    High Speed - not adjustable

    Anyone know where I can get Reeds and an oil filter for the 02 Polaris Virage? Also thinking about rebuilding the carbs with the Manufactures rebuilt kit and was wondering where to get one?

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    You need the genuine Polaris service manual - click here.

    And check out the links below

    SBT carb kit...

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    02 Polaris Virage

    Thanks K447, I found the pop off pressure (18-21psi) and the low speed jet should be 1 3/4 but I'm still trying to find a place to buy the KEIHIN carb rebuilt kit and a oil filter? Thanks in advance, Dave...

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