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    Need a new intercooler MSX 150

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    You can buy a new intercooler, of course.
    I suggest you start with asking Randy at Watcon (send an email), or
    Jay (4strokepolaristech on here)
    Someone else around here was Weber trained, don't recall who at the moment

    Good used parts are around, but they are not plentiful.
    Have a look around the Polaris Classifieds, see if anyone has parted out an MSX 110 or MSX 150 in recent times.

    Click here a list of Polaris parts sources

    There are some other common maintenance issues you should be aware of. A few are listed on this web page, but you should spend some time reading and searching on the forums. Lots of good info around here

    And download the service manual, of course

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    Definitley Randy at He is one of two Weber Motor dealer /distributors in the US.

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