Hi OzPWCers,
Some of you have followed the build-up... I managed ~1,140km yesterday, about 110km better than Davor Hundic's current world record.

Thanks heaps to the support crew who came along on the day (SneakyPete, Miranda, Cameron) and those who helped so much in prep and training (Kev FX_160 & Scones). Thanks also to sponsors Brisbane Seadoo, Slippery, Spidertracks and XS Energy, all of which were a great help in making sure it finished without tears.

Departed Monday morning 12:30am from Manly Marina, travelled to Yepoon (outside Curtis Island on the way north; inside coming south), then back as far as Inskip Point (southern Frazer Island) before the allotted 24hrs was up.

I'll post up a some of the stories later (1.5hrs on a sandbar, minor collision at night, hallucinations -I'm sure there's a few others), but at the moment the priority is catching up on some Zzzz's.

Thanks for all your interest.

Good night.


Well done to Brett and crew.