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    Neccesary to bleed oil line?

    I pulled off my oil lines to put a new seal on my tank. I also replaced the inline oil filter. It looks like a pain the the a** to find the oil pump then somehow unbolt the bleed bolt.
    My question is:

    All my lines are full with oil besides the filter one. There is oil just below the new filter so it didn't dry it out to the pump. Can I slowly pour oil into the lines, then connect them to the tank, then fill the tank?

    Wouldn't all the air bubble up to the top of the oil in the tank? Sorry just trying to find an easier way to do this.

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    I know what you're saying and I'd grab an adjustable and use the oil bleed.

    You can do it, pain in the ass or not.

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    The bubble will work its way up. If the line is not vertical enough you may want to prop up the tank (not possible on some hulls, though).

    Usually overnight is plenty of time for it to gravity bleed if there is a bubble.

    Your idea of filling the lines also works. If you get a bubble, just let her sit a while.

    When there is no air in the lines you are good to go.

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    Sorry to jack this thread, I just pulled my motor (2000 XP) and the oil lines have air now. So when I put it back in I should just fill the oil tank and let it sit and the bubbles should work their way out?

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    That's what I did, I just filled the oil lines, let the bubble come to the top, then plugged them into the tank. I then filled the tank and left it open all night. Don't see any air bubbles, hope it worked!

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    oil lines

    You can also use a syringe and pre fiill the oil lines and filter before you install on ski.

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