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    Want to trade for a 7.0

    I know one of you guys has a 7.0 or the stock polaris 7.0 equivalent sitting on your shelf. What's it take to dust it off and trade me for it?
    I have several different rideplates & grates. need a bigger prop?? PM me and maybe we can make something work out. I want one for my bro's virage TX

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    if anybody has 2 laying on the shelf give me a holler as well

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    i got a 202 tweaked in the virage now.whats for trade???

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    As good as that one works for your virage, why would you yank it out?
    You could try any of my props if you want. Just let me know.
    my rideplates won't do you any good with your skiis. don't fit.
    You don't need any of my grates. your set in that category.
    Most here on this group won't pull my props,if they can they're not in their rpm range, so i didn't factor those too much in this thread.
    my grates: LCP grate, 2 R&D 650 grates(not perfect) JD #14 grate, 32DEGH2O's grate
    plates:O.P. Race plate, 32DEGH2O's plate, the Dovetail plate, HotSeat plate
    impellers:16/22 Concord, Solas XI repitched to XII, 12-25 SKATsuperslimline, SKAT 17/26 swirl(impros trailing edge issues), stock 17/25 swirl
    I was hoping to hang onto the props till I figured which one I wanted to keep the most, but I'll part with one to get my bro a little extra speed. I also can't find that 6* wedge of mine. Want to get one for him too.

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    7.0 vs 202-7.0

    like i've said before a nu-jet 7.0 will hook harder than a 202-7.0,with a tweaked 7.0 the pro doesn't cavitate,the virage with a tweaked 202-7.0 cavitates just a little on dead stop takeoffs.

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    wanna try the 12-25?

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