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    what's the trick to installing fuel check valves>?

    I just went through my carbs and got them all nice and clean (filters were partially clogged) Got rebuild kit with new check valves and rubber grommets but I can't get the little buggers IN! I even tried using a small diameter round head allen wrench to try and push it through but no go. Does anyone have any tricks / suggestions?

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    It's an 01 GTX - 951.

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    I just did mine on my 01 XP and found I had to spray a little lube in there. Still a pain in to get in but a used a very small flat head to help guide the grommet in and twisted it as I was pushing it down. Went right in for me after that.

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    I bought a small "tool" from Hobby Lobby which is a wood handled hand held rod with a smooth metal ball end tip on each end, one slightly larger than the other. I have no idea what it's called or what the real use for it is, but, with a little WD-40 on the rubber Mica Valve Grommet, the Ball End of the tool fits perfectly into the Grommet Hole and pops them in the Fuel Pump Plate casting easily. Maybe a small ball end Hex Allen tool would work just as well. (?)

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    I do what jwick86 recommends & also lube the tips with some motor oil. I then use my thumb & apply some pressure while moving in a clockwise rotation - it will slowly find its way in there. Takes a little patience, but works for me every time.

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    I use spit actually. and a 2mm allen wrench to get it started. put the disk in place, lube the plug with your favorite and press harder then you think, as soon as you get even a bit of it thru, you can help the rest in with your finger nail. Without doubt one of the trickier parts of a carb rebuild outside of getting just the right screwdrivers in your kit for the other tricky parts.

    For me the trickiest part of all is not losing my temper when encountering carnage from "previous rebuilds"

    "may the green sludge from 1000 feet of bad tempo line line your nostrils" is one of my most used phrases

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    I DID IT!!!

    Man did I ever figure out the BEST way to get these things installed almost effortlessly. I took a 1' piece of dental floss looped it around the center of the grommet with the check valve installed on it then threaded the floss through the hole. I next lubed the end a bit with some oil and just pulled it through the other side. It went in soo easy I scared myself and thought the grommet broke or something. I used waxed floss.

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