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    219 700 346 OIL DEBATE FOR SUPERCHARGED ENGINES.......what to use

    in my manual for an 05 rxp supercharged intercooled engine it says to run only 219 700 346. Ive read on the internet that some are using synthetic.....(i looked at my two old work orders and the techs wrote down about a year ago.... 3 of # 518 and this year 3 of # 635 ............these numbers are short notations for oil ........BUT WHAT KIND of oil..........i had the oil changed by two different techs each time. maybe i should call them up and see. if they are putting synthetic in my engine .....according to the manual the s.c. wont like it. (perhaps leading to my washers being grinded up) anyone???


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    You can use the AMSOIL 10w-40 Marine Synthetic Oil with no issues.

    Yes Sea-Doo did have problems with their full synthetic that is why they told people to use their petroleum oil. Now they have a semi-syntheitc oil for the engines.
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    Not to be a smart ass but PLEASE use the search function..This question has been asked and answered 500 times this year.

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    Again, I really think we should make a sticky topic titled "OIL FOR SUPERCHARGED SKIS." That way everybody will see it before they post. It should have all the info about different oils that people use. Maybe similar to the dealer thread where everybody posts what oil they use and any comments and then they get added to the first post. Thoughts?

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    Alex I like your new avator... I saw that on msn last night... talk about a sweet pic of breaking the sound barrier!

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    I went to get oil from my crappy dealer the other day. All BRP has now is semi-synthetic 4stroke that is safe for supercharged engines. I argued that it wasn't right, but my dealer assured me. After going home and reading up about it, the dealer was actually right and I was wrong. Once in a lifetime.

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