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    ultra 150 oil pump

    i have an ultra 150 that i have just finished an engine re-build on and i seem to be having issues with the oil pump. it doesn't seem to be moving oil into the cylinders/carbs of course it does have pre-mix in it and i have not ran it that long due to fear of locking it up.

    what should i do to check the oil pump? do i remove it? i have already used the bleed screw and there does not seem to be air in the line. please let me know what i can do to get this baby ready for the water.

    Thanks for any advice or help

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    It doesn't pump a whole lot of oil.

    You can remove the pump, mount it in a vise, then spin the shaft with an electric drill. Use a piece of hose that fits over the drive shaft, then use a corresponding drill bit or piece of round stock in the drill chuck to drive it. If you try to attach the drill directly to the pump, you'll have a tough time.

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    Good idea of how to check the pump. It is hard to tell if the oil is moving especially at low speed. You can move the oil pump to the wot position with one of the lines off and see if its pumping. Also you want to make sure the cable is routed corectly and adjusted per the manual.

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    well i don't think its moving oil because i replaces all the lines when i re-built the motor and the only line that is dark and has oil in it is the rear balancer. so it looks like its not moving oil cuse the lines are still clear.

    should i get a new pump? is there an aftermarket one that works better?


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    Oil Pump

    if I were you if you are running premix (50:1) at least is to start the engine and let tick over on the hose. Then manually hold the oil pump all the way open to the stop, this should move the oil along the lines fast enough to see.

    If not then that will be the first oil pump failure due to the pump I haveever heard or read about.


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    i meant replace the oil pump? aftermarket oil pumps?

    anyway the suggestion is to start the motor up and manually open up the oil pump via the cable so see if oil will move through the lines?

    is this a good idea?

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    Only source would be Kawasaki for that pump since it is special for a Ultra 150. You could get a used one since they almost never fail.

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    does anyone have a working used one? i really don't want to pay $200 for a new one?


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    oil pump

    E bay my friend, always afew on there for $50 or so.


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    oil pump

    You did prime the oil pump by the bleeder screw in the top when it was reinstalled?

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