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    Towing behind boat

    Hey Guys, I know I seen a thread on towing a Yamaha behind a boat and it detailed and had pics of what hose to block off and how to block it off either here or on pwc today, but I can't find it anywhere. Can someone point me to it.


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    According to the owner's manual on this site, it only says to go very slow. Otherwise, you can force water into the engine. I don't see the need to go any faster than slow because you won't have any steering on the ski if it's not running.

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    Install a TOW VALVE KIT

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    Where can you find an inexpensive tow valve kit and is there just some way to clip it off instead? I used to tow my waveraider all the time without one, but don't want to tempt fate now that I know you shouldn't do that.

    And it actually straightens out once it planes up on the water at a higher speed, only walks back and forth at low speed, also you want to tie the rope higher up to pull the nose up a bit once it gets going.

    Oh - and VERY important, make sure you have a float on the rope so it doesn't sink. Mine got sucked under my friend's 40 ft boat and chopped up in the prop. The worst part was the $10,000 it cost him to replace a bent shaft from the rope wrapping around it. And we were about 3 hours free diving to cut his props loose, in the dark. Good times!

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