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    2001 virage starter problems

    hey guys , great site . glad to have found it !!
    i am having a problem with my virage tx. we were out on the lake having some fun , and stopped and just floated around for a bit , and when i try to restart , my starter would not shut off / disingage. even with the lanyard pulled it just kept cranking. we had to disconnect battery . some told me maybe stuck starter cylinoid. any ideas??
    my rep in town can't get to it for a week , and on top of that this is the last time they will work on watercraft !! so i wanna learn more . i have service manuals for both my machines !! any info would be most appreciative. also can anyone tell me what top speed should be for the 1200 .....i get about 63 mph !!

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    If your solenoid is mounted outside the electrical box, my guess is that you have the original black body solenoid. They are known to fail in the manner you describe. Shorted internally, constant cranking.

    Purchase a new replacement solenoid. You should receive a brown color solenoid, that is more reliable.

    You can buy it from any Polaris OEM parts source. Click the links below to find the list.

    I think some Yamaha and possibly other PWC brands used the same solenoid. Take your old one in, and you should be able to find a match.

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    thanks i will check that out . some one else said it might be my start/ stop button was stuck , but i took it apart and all seems fine . start at the small stuff , and work up i guess .
    thanks again !!

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