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    99 XL1200 Waverunner RIDE PLATE REMOVAL

    So I have been having some slipping or cavitation problems from my ski. It hesitates at ~11mph If I feather the gas it will eventually catch and take off like a rocket.

    I was able to remove the grate but when trying to remove the middle plate and ride plate the bolts are slipping inside the hull. I tried attaching vice grips to the bolt on the inside of the hull but, I can not get them off. I know I will probaly have to reseal them.

    How do I get them off???? What to reseal with????

    Noticed gasket handing out between ride plate and jet. I think this is where the problem is. I read that I should just seal it up. Some 5200 product? What is that????

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    I think it is the felt packing that is hanging out. Would this cause that slipping????????????

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    there are several things that can add up to cause cavitation. check the clearance between impeller and wear ring. may need a new prop. the felt can be removed and the area sealed with 4200 or 5200. recommend installing ppk and sealing.
    use a heat gun(safer than torch) to heat glue and fasteners holding rideplate. recommend upgrading to improved bolts and brackets to secure rideplate. this forum has pictures and directions to help. I own a 99xll. It is a heavy hull but when all the little improvements add up, the cavatation can be almost eliminated.

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