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    winterizing and fogging

    loads of threads but cant seem to find the best way/procedure of doin them and where to get the products?? thanks in advance

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    Not that time yet, Is it? Any boat/ marine store will have what you need.

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    people here will walk you thru it, it`s cake... what ski do you have? is it kept indoors/outdoors, tell the good people here the dilly...

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    its a 03 gpr,its outside at the mo but hopein to get it into a garage for the winter if not ill splash out on a proper yamai cover and an electric blanket lol as for a marine/boat shop...even though im in a seaside resort there aint no shops here like wtf?

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    I`m sure other will chime in with more ways to do this:

    either fill the fuel tank or siphon the gas out almost to the bottom, add "stabil" to fuel, start the ski for a minute or 2 to have the stabil make it`s way into the fuel system.

    I have used a submersible pump/5 gallon pail and RV antifreeze, the red stuff for protection against freezing in the engine and exhaust/water box.

    place a suitable pump in a pail of rv antifreeze, make the necc connections to the flush connector, you would need to fab up a hose of some sorts.

    start machine like you would do any normal flush and turn on the pump, let ski idle and watch for red antifreeze to come out of pissers and exhaust, etc when this occurs after a minute or 2, shut off pump just like you would shut off the water supply to flush, brap the throttle a few times and shut down ski.

    get yourself a long wooden dowel 3/8, remove all the spark plugs and push the pistons down to the bottom with the dowel and spray storage oil generously all down inside and into the transfer ports. reinstall the plugs. spray down with lube carbs/efi linkage, anything that you think moves.pivots, give the cables a shot of lube.. etc etc...

    if you`d like spray down a light coat on the engine and into the pump and impeller...

    there are quite a few variations to this. some use bilge pumps in pail with 12v source, some just use a funnel into one of the hoses, and waterbox...

    I would thoroughly clean the ski before doing this...

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    If you decide to top off your tank at the end of the season, you may want to leave room for expansion. I had my tank fully topped off at the end of last season and when I uncovered it this year, the right foot hold was full of gas. The gas apparently expanded and came out the vent on the right side, staining the hull and destroying a decal in the process. My ski is also stored outside. Just something to keep in mind.

    I also sprayed fogging oil in the cylinders, and just bumped the starter over a few times without starting it. Actually, I think I had all the plugs out when I did this. Seemed to do a pretty good job of keeping the cylinders coated. I had no issues this year with it other than clogged carbs.

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    and where does one get "fogging" oil ? could ya just drop 2 stroke into the pots and crank over?

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    should be at your local dealer

    or here

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    Dont know what kinda auto parts stores you have around you but believe it or not they had fogging spray at advanced auto parts here in Naples were it gets like 50 degrees for like 1 day a year CRACKED OUT SMILEY

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    Figured I'd dig this thread up, I'm running premix. Does this impact winter storage? I can't see it doing much of any harm but figured I'd ask.

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