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    09 STX-15F Cranking Problem

    New 09 STX-15F with 3 hours
    Battery terminals tight, solenoid terminals tight.

    Problem: I left my lanyard clipped into the switch, killed the engine and went for a swim (approx 1 hour). Came back to the ski, lanyard applied to wrist, pressed start button and....nothing. Tried it 4 more times, sounded like solenoid was engaging...finally starter spun sounding like the bendix was not engaging the starter gear to the flywheel. Removed lanyard, replaced, ski cranked fine.

    Battery was fully charged.

    Are there any recalls/known issues with the solenoid?

    Or the starter (spring/gear/flywheel) issues?

    Searched as STX-15F cranking and starting with no success.

    Any 12F similar issues?


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    Yes. Sometimes I have to turn battery switch to off, wait 30 sec. then back on. Seems to need a wake up call.
    Also, have been told to take seat off, let in air, then try. This also has helped.
    Check your battery. Should read 12.5 sitting, 10.5 cranking, 14.2 running.

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    I pulled my AGM battery from another ski and shelved the Lead-Acid wet cell battery. The AGM is only 2months old, and I charged it with the Tender (750mA) until green. Tried to repeat prob the other dfay....and its gone. Likely culprit was the OEM battery needing charging.

    Did removing the seat come from another thread?


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    some of the 09 250x's have experienced this.

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    I have a STX15F and i had one nut loose at the selenoid !

    This could cause your problem two, if they built yours just after mine....

    guess the was the break time that day

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    I have an 08 15F and the issue is the kill button that lifts up when you click in the lanyard. Basically, if i pull it up eve more and hit the green button it would start. That method has stopped working now, I am waiting for the new kill switch to come to my dealer so that they can swap it out.

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    UPDATE: So i took it in. They swapped the start/stop switch and same problems. Sometimes it would just crank and crank. Sometimes it would crank and catch and start right away. They even swapped it with a new ECU from a ski just cut from the crate, and still the same problem. Will be taking it in for full workup when they have room in a week or two. I am very frunstrated. A ski with 3 hours on it, still brand new, and this is a serious issue.

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    have they addressed the starter???? I am trying to figure out what the ECU would have to do with this problem.

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    They didn't think it was my starter. I have no

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    Quote Originally Posted by ThePerchik View Post
    They didn't think it was my starter. I have no
    Get the shop to hook up a fuel pressure guage and watch the fuel pressure during start up and then after the engine shut down. watch the guage and see how long it holds pressure. If it drops off immediately ??? replace the fuel pump. or the fuel pressure solenoid on the fuel rail.
    Sounds like the fuel pressure is dropping off after engine shut down and causing a hot restart problem. Just a thought there.. good luck
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