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    Question New Developments, carb issues 95 SLT750

    Now its just the carbs in the way of ski season! Any ideas on my situation? Im sure most of you remember this ski but if not heres the background info: Thanks again in advance!


    Last August: PTO piston holed, Mag piston melted (see pics on the post titled "some fun inside pictures" or something like that)

    Last Week: Triple pump, new fuel lines, new fuel valve, new pistons, rings, bearings, cylinders, heads, gaskets, BPR8ES plugs. new thermo and pop off valve

    Yesterdays run: ran choppy and hot after 8 minutes, center and pto were wet plugs, mag was grayish and dry. Looking into the plug holes the piston tops looked fine, no melting or holes..

    Today: Removed the thermo and pop off completely, Reset the carbs to factory plus 1/4 turn out (note that before doing this all were extremely rich on the lows, over one full turn)

    Todays test run: After 2 mins running around 2500 rpms the temps were: at the cyl head: Mag 115 deg, Center 115 deg, PTO 105 the cyl base: Mag 120, center 110, pto 110

    After 10 min running 3000 rpm with a few moves over half throttle, at the cyl head: Mag 107, Center 108, PTO 98. at the cyl base: Mag 120, Center 115, PTO 100

    I noticed when at low speed pulling full throttle stalls the engine. Above half throttle she loves it and sounds great, between 1/4 and half it is jerky and rough ex. pull, stop, pull, stop, pull, stop. Idle is rough feeling but stable between 1200 and 1300 rpms.

    I pulled the plugs they look like this:
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