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    ride plate leakage question (thanks)

    when i spray the vanes of the jet pump with water i look under to see the ride plate leaking the water i just sprayed in it near the intake grate this ok??? i guess its the seal....and fixing it entails removal of the whole damn jet pump (accord to s. manual.) any suggestions. can i put some sealer in between ride plate and hull (or intake grate) with my finger????

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    I believe you should feel serious venilation on the water if that seal was bad. It it is im fact the seal you will be taking off u ride plate as well. The jet pump is easy to remove.... Dont let it intimidate you

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    can you spray inside your jetpump and see if water comes trickling down where the ride plate meets the intake grate....i need to see if someone elses does this or not. thanks

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    perhaps i should take apicture.

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    2005cdoorxp... in this case, pics would help a lot!

    If, in fact, you are spraying water in the back of the pump at the pump vanes, and the water is running down the pump tunnel, then dripping off the ride plate where the intake grate bolts up... then this would be normal.

    I might be missing something here.

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    here is exactly where water trickles down. i actually crawled under jetski and to me there is no remnants of any type of sealant at this particular area (so in answering my own question i think everything is ok) agree? i wanted to add a few more pics also. my drive shaft looks i finally got a good look at my impeller (theres a tiny chip or two..the ski does exactly 70 mph ...just took it out 2 days ago....should i be concerned and change it yet???) what about the drive shaft???? is it ok like this???? thanks very much for your help

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    another pic of where water trickles down

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    the last picture shows the impeller chip.....and overall condition. it should be able to click to enlarge.

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    OK... yes, that water would be normal, nothing to worry about.

    The shaft may look bad, but there are plenty of people running around in salt water that have that exact drive shaft.

    Now as far as the impeller chip (though it would personally drive me nuts knowing it was there), truth is, it's probably not adversely effecting your performance.

    If you decide to pull the pump and touch-up the chip with a file, you might go ahead and flip the wear ring over.

    I think you should go ride it a while longer and enjoy the water before doing anything to the ski.


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    Jeff thanks man. I was hoping youd say something like that. The chip does get to me.....and ill change it in due time. id like a stainless steel one. (seems to me the factory ones arent think they would be) . I still gotta learn more about these. dont even understand the lingo (13/18 prop etc) Do you think the rust will pose a problem when and if I remove the shaft???? (to get pump off....) again thanks jeff

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