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    Jet around cayman think twice before going

    The Cayman island promoter contacted Skip Holmes & Ryan Hardwick about bringing me to there offshore race July 6th approx 2 weeks ago and said that they had a purse of $4,500 us dollars that would be open to all racers, pay our entry fees and shipping of the ski from Florida to Caymans and back. Then on Sunday June 28th they contacted after we shipped a ski down and said the purse was not available for USA riders. Then Monday June 29 they contacted Skip & Ryan again and said that the purse money was not available to USA riders but they would offer a $3,500 flat pay out for me to attend the event, race, do tv and radio interviews which we all agreed to. As Ryan & myself are leaving today for Bahamas we get a call from Skip Holmes saying he went to pick up the money as he is already in the Cayman Islands and the promoters secretary said the deal is now off again and now wont be paying any money, no shipping and no entry fees. After Skip & Ryan called the promoter 8 times today with no return calls we have decided we will not ever attend a race in the Cayman Islands. We have never been invited to an event and had such a run around. So if you ever get invited to this event think twice. Ryan Hardwick has shipped boats for both of us and has now wasted money on shipping since we wont be attending this race after they had it in writting what they would take care of. I guess in the Cayman's contracts do not matter.

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    I am from the Cayman Islands and would just like to say me and majority of the rider are against what they are doing to the U.S riders we were for you being in for the same prize money but please don't make this turn you away from coming to any of out other races the promoter for this race has nothing to do with the others
    Please don't make this one person turn you away from our Island we're good people who are open to competition

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    Thanks, all we wanted was the same rules as everyone else to be able to race for the same money as everyone else. If they didnt want to allow us the same money or agree to pay show up money instead they should of never agreed to it and then taken back after we built a ski and shipped it for this race.

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    i totally agree with you, by doing this it makes us seem like we are scared of overseas riders which is definitely not the case

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    What does any of this gotta do with Kawi 4 strokes??

    There is a JAC thread somewhere. Use the search button.

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    The situation is extremely sad.

    Yes deals were made and broken. The matter came down to my call and a extremely difficult one.
    The major issue we had was the discrimination and penalizing the US riders by the Promoter. Thatís why we originally didnít need any deal for Farthing from the promoter as he promised to lift the discrimination rules. Mind you the promoter came to me looking for TOP named riders, we told them we could get a Kawasaki rider and the potential to get Farthing here would only work if he ditched the international restrictions. He did call me back and told me the International Class was removed and we could be riding as Pro Class. This was a great move of equal racing on the part of the racing community in Grand Cayman so I thought. What I found out later is that Pro was just a relabeled of the what he call International. {same rules same restriction and same classification just a different name} This was a disturbing situation and the first warning to get out that I ignored.

    When I had a face to face with the promoter he agreed that the situation is bad and that if he could just pay Farthing to show up then it would still help him keep the Cayman riders and the IJSBA Affiliate Committee happy. He explained that the committee and the riders wished for this ruling which capped the winnings of US riders and changing it now would make his situation extremely difficult. I agreed that if the riders truly were upset about racing against US riders for money then we should just enjoy the race for what it is and let Farthing have the "show up contract".

    What ended the situation is trying to work with the promoter and his appointed team was at best the most miserable time of my life. Several unanswered phone calls. Tons of confusing information and at times impossible to get valid information. I spent days on shipping and travels arrangements and followed there instructions just as they told. Come time to pay for the shipping as they promised was the last straw. They then changed there mind and wouldnít pay for the shipping. I personally told them I would split the shipping in effort to save the deal and have a wonderful race. The answer was no, even after I warned about potential negative exposure over the rules situation. The answer again was no. It was at that moment we believed that they never really intended make good on any of there promises. This was twice I had seen actions that were suspicious and scrupulous.

    In the end they get what they wanted. We will only have one rider in the event and refuse to cover the story or recognize this event as a International race. They get to keep our entry fees of $480 US per rider and we had three.

    Iím ok with it and will have one of our riders ride the race, he will be racing himself in the International/Pro class but more importantly it shows good sportsmanship in effort to help show the world that this event is something great regardless of the silly politics.

    So the message is that, "This event was started by Cayman and will end with Cayman." .

    Truly sad as we have always welcome Cayman riders with open arms. Some have raced with Teammoto, Macc Racing and Action with open arms. I see it different now...... We get the message clearly but we wont change our policies, if it ever does happen then Ill stop racing myself.

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    Skip its sad how you were treated... obviously this promoter just wanted to "use" you and Farthing. Hopefully next time around things will go better.

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    I think its important to say that the issue is strictly the promoter and not the racers or races of the Cayman Islands.

    Its an unfortunate affair but its important to me and others that its clear, the issue is isolated to the promoter and his ways of doing biusness or his interpritation of a deal.

    I would hope that the racing community sees it in the manner it is and not a negative reflection of the Cayman Islands.

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    WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sounds like some of the racing promoters i delt with years ago racing spring cars.. He didn't last long. The best thing is .. that guy is a small fish in a big lake and word will get around. He will be nothing but a faint memory in a short time. Things do have a way of coming back on people like that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 111 View Post
    I guess in the Cayman's contracts do not matter.
    Contracts don't mean anything in the U.S. anymore either, since Obama took office...

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