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    Think twice before going to jet around cayman

    The Cayman island promoter contacted Skip Holmes & Ryan Hardwick about bringing me to there offshore race July 6th approx 2 weeks ago and said that they had a purse of $4,500 us dollars that would be open to all racers, pay our entry fees and shipping of the ski from Florida to Caymans and back. Then on Sunday June 28th they contacted after we shipped a ski down and said the purse was not available for USA riders. Then Monday June 29 they contacted Skip & Ryan again and said that the purse money was not available to USA riders but they would offer a $3,500 flat pay out for me to attend the event, race, do tv and radio interviews which we all agreed to. As Ryan & myself are leaving today for Bahamas we get a call from Skip Holmes saying he went to pick up the money as he is already in the Cayman Islands and the promoters secretary said the deal is now off again and now wont be paying any money, no shipping and no entry fees. After Skip & Ryan called the promoter 8 times today with no return calls we have decided we will not ever attend a race in the Cayman Islands. We have never been invited to an event and had such a run around. So if you ever get invited to this event think twice. Ryan Hardwick has shipped boats for both of us and has now wasted money on shipping since we wont be attending this race after they had it in writting what they would take care of. I guess in the Cayman's contracts do not matter.

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    Wow that sucks!!

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    Get it in writing or get the checks first I spose.

    That is a crappy deal they pulled....I guess it will just be a local affair from now on.

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    I think its important to say that the issue is strictly the promoter and not the racers or races of the Cayman Islands.

    Its an unfortunate affair but its important to me and others that its clear, the issue is isolated to the promoter and his ways of doing biusness or his interpritation of a deal.

    I would hope that the racing community sees it in the manner it is and not a negative reflection of the Cayman Islands.

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