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    Reducing wear and tear

    Hey guys pretty new to the sea doo world so a quick question. I have a 04 Seadoo RXP and I want some tips on how to make run longer and reduce the chance of loosing a motor. I ride pretty hard and I dont wanna end up putting a new motor in so what should I do or buy to allow me to ride hard but ease my mind and prevent problems. Thanks Guys

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    04 ski

    Take care of your ski!

    Change the oil on time
    release throttle when ski leaves the water (airtime)
    replace SC washers with metal washers (if not already done)
    replace flywheel bolts (if you ever get the chance)
    don't run the ski on the trailer w/ out the hose for extended time..(I just don't do it at all..)

    I am sure others will chime in...if you take care of these ski's they run for quite some time..

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